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Vintage Quilts

When I was a kid (and, I suspect, still) my church would raffle off a quilt every month. Tickets were $2 a piece, or 3 for $5. Every month, I would enter. After all, who can resist the siren song of gambling with someone else’s money?...

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A High-End Bling Estate Sale – Biggest of the Year – Do not Miss!

Listed by Step Above Estate Sales
Last modified 4 days ago. 199 Pictures.
10918 hudson avenue
Hudson, FL 34669
Sep 27, 28, 29
8am to 3pm (Thu)

Super Sunday Estate Auction

Listed by Stevens Auction Company
Last modified 5 days ago. 14 Pictures.
609 n meridian street
Aberdeen, MS 39730
Sep 30
1pm to 6pm (Sun)

Riverside Public Administrator Live Auction

Listed by I-15 Auctions
Last modified 1 hour ago. 74 Pictures Added in Last 24 Hours.
800 s redlands ave.
Perris, CA 92570
Sep 28, 29
12pm to 3pm (Fri)

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