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🎯JURIS AUCTIONS is the fastest, easiest way
to get true market value for estate p

With a Juris Enhanced Estate Sale, even more buyers can buy from anywhere.
More buyers means better results for you. Why settle for less?


Juris Auctions

Get true market value quickly, without all of the typical hassles and headaches. 
Call now to reserve your date, while the best slots are available:

Call Now: 1-901-254-8200
or toll-free: 1-866-JURISBID (1-866-587-4724)


WHETHER IT'S REAL ESTATE, or contents and furnishings - or BOTH - we can help. In fact, we can sell most anything.

Juris is a fully state-licensed and insured firm serving all of Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and other states. Very few estate firms offer these extensive credentials and experience.

Here are just a few of the many advantages you'll enjoy with a Juris Auctions' Professional Estate Sale:

👍 Multi-state buyer network - typical estate sales only attract local buyers and dealers. That means less money for you. With Juris, buyers can bid from anywhere, which attracts more buyers. More buyers means more money for you.

👍 There is no sales commission for real estate (the buyer pays the fee). Real estate is sold as-is, so you don't have to pay for upgrades or repairs. The less you spend, the more you keep.

👍 Household contents, furnishings, collections, and more can all be conveniently sold. It couldn't be easier for you.

👍 With a a Juris Estate Auction, there is no price ceiling like there is with a typical estate sale. That's because - when you start out with a price - the price can only go down. A Juris auction sale doesn't have that limitation. With Juris, prices can only go up. Why settle for less?

👍 Less wear and tear on your property. With Juris,  there are no large crowds of curiosity seekers roaming all over your property. That's a nightmare any way you look at it. Crowds can damage property and bring thieves. Juris not only markets your property to even more buyers than other options - you also get the benefit of no large crowds. 

👍 Buyers know they aren't wasting their time. Some of the best paying buyers won't even attend typical estate sales. That's because they know that items they are interested in might be gone before they even get there. With a Juris estate sale, that can't happen. Every buyer has an equal opportunity to bid on each item from the comfort of their home. More participation means better results for you.

👍 At Juris Auctions, we account for every transaction. Some estate sale operators will only show you records for the sale of items over a certain amount, such as $100. We are fully transparent, and show you all transactions, regardless of the amount. You'll get a full, detailed list. You should accept nothing less.

 Find out your property's sales potential in minutes by calling Juris Auctions now for a free, no-obligation assessment. Don't risk leaving money on the table. We are here to assist you with both real estate and/or other types of estate property. We can help you with all of the details, from start to finish.

Juris Auctions

Juris Auctions makes it easy for you.
Call now to reserve your preferred date or learn more:



or toll-free: 1-866-JURISBID (1-866-587-4724)

5865 Ridgeway Center Pkwy, Suite 300
Memphis, TN 38120

You can also visit our website at JurisAuctions.com/Professional-Estate-Sales/








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